2021 Murals

Whether we have the Berkley Street Art Fest or not, murals can still take place.  There are several options available based on where your business is located in Berkley. Note cost to have a mural would be worked out between the business and the artist or the Berkley DDA if you have applied through thei mural program.  If you would like to have a mural painted  in August, you should apply through the city by May 2021. Contact eschlutow@berkleymich.net for more information on approval process for a business to havea mural painted in Berkley.


Discover the murals that have been created at Berkley Street Art Fest of the years.

2017 Murals    2018 Murals    2019 Murals

In addition to the murals created during Berkley Street Art Fest, make sure you stop by Tootie and Tallulah's

Green Lantern and America's Stamp Stop, all located on 12 Mile for other murals in Berkley.