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Explore the Murals on Coolidge
The Wedding Shoppe — 2186 Coolidge, artist: Trevor Stewart
Salon Simply Beautiful – 2665 Coolidge, Artist: Zach Curtis
Folio — 2838 Coolidge Hwy.
(two murals in the alley and one more being created today!)
  Artists: Ed Irmen and Lacey Draper
Nova Chiropractic — 2745 Coolidge Hwy. , Artist: Luna Shaaya 
Elwin & Company — 2971 Coolidge Hwy. , Artist: Malt 
Chet’s Rent-All — 3009 Coolidge Hwy. Artist: Olivia DePaul
Acupuncture Institute of Michigan - 3053 Coolidge 
Berkley Public Library - 3155 Coolidge

Permanent Art by David Zinn
Berkley Public Library — 3155 Coolidge
Balanced Health & Wellness — 2700 Coolidge
Vitrine — 2758 Coolidge

Explore the Murals on 12 Mile
Tootie and Tallulah’s — 2600 12 Mile, Artist: Zak Warmann 

The Neighbor’s Shoppe — 2833 12 Mile, Artist: Troy Dirkse 
Sum Girls Boutique — 3015 12 Mile, Artist: Alex Delker 
George’s Shoe Repair — 3442 12 Mile, Artist: Jon Murrell 
Armadillo Printwear — 3861 12 Mile, Artist: Rich Ayers  
America’s Stamp Shop — 3860 12 Mile Rd., Artist: Dave Regan 
Green Lantern – 4033 12 Mile Rd., Artist: Torri Smith

Berkley PIPA mural at Robina courtesy of The Detroit Institute of Arts.
Explore the Murals on 11 Mile
Doggie in the Window — 2656 11 Mile Rd., Artist: Paolo Pedini 
PM Environmental Inc. — 4080 11 Mile. Rd., Artist: Malt 

Mural Program

Interested in having a mural in on your building.  There are several options available based on where your business is located in Berkley. Note cost to have a mural would be worked out between the business and the artist or the Berkley DDA if you have applied through their mural program.  If you would like to have a mural painted during the Berkey Street Art Fest, you should apply no later April. If not in the Berkley DDA, then contact Cify of Berkley Community Development Director for more information on approval process for a business to havea mural painted in Berkley.


Discover the murals that have been created at Berkley Street Art Fest of the years.

2017 Murals    2018 Murals    2019 Murals

In addition to the murals created during Berkley Street Art Fest, make sure you stop by Tootie and Tallulah's

Green Lantern and America's Stamp Stop, all located on 12 Mile for other murals in Berkley.

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