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Award Winning Chalk Artists for 2021


Bana Boys
Cameron Briones & Jennifer Clotfelter


Team Winner.Bana Boys.Jennifer Clotfelter and Cameron Briones.png

Adult Category

Adult 1st Place.Timothy Cory.Alexander Nicolai.jpg

1st Place - Timothy Cory


2nd Place - Lacy Soria

Adult 3rd.Olivia Swords.ashleypoirier.HEIC

3rd Place - Olivia Swords

Youth Category

1st Place - Allie Fundaro

2nd Place - Olivia Forte

3rd Place - Nathan Forte

Youth 1st place.Allie Fundaro.png
Youth 2nd Place.Olivia Forte.ashleypoirier.png
Youth 3rd Place. Nathan Forte.AshleyPoirier.png

People's Choice

Homanick Family


Ben Stajda

Peoples Choice Team.Adult.Homanick Team.ashleypoirier.png
Peopleschoice youth.png
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